Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Review

I have been sick the past couple of weeks and unable to write any reviews or posts so apologies for the lack of updates!This week's review is on Butter London Nail Polishes. I was sent these to try out and have been meaning to review them for a while and there's no time like the present!

Who are they? Butter London is a 3 Free company meaning their nail polishes and other products contain no Toluene, no DPB, and no Formaldehyde.

I was sent six gorgeous colours  from the Spring Collection to try but since my nails are in such bad condition at the moment I decided to swatch them for you on nail displays. The colours starting from the top and going left to right are:  Fiver, Cuppa, Kerfuffle,Fruit Machine, Molly-Coddled and Jasper.

What are the polishes like? Even though my nails are not in great condition at the moment I have been wearing them for the past couple weeks. The first thing I noticed about the packaging is how similar it is to Chanel nail polishes as it also has two tops - the square black one and a twisty top. I usually use OPI (which is a similar price range to these) and noticed that these do not have them same thicker consistency that OPI polishes have which means with the lighter colours you may have to do more then two coats. I also found that since I had ridges in my nails rather then glide over them it tended to settle in them and make them very noticeable. But if your nails are in good condition you will have no problems with them. The colours are really vibrant and true to the colour that you see in the bottle. As for longevity these last just as long as OPI polishes once a top and base coat are used. I would recommend these for anyone who likes to go a bit wild with their nail polishes because you will not be disappointed  with the colour selection!

Rating: 8/10 

Available from Butter and retail in Ireland for €15.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekly Review

This week's  review is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's..  I am a big fan of MAC's Paint Pot and Make-up Forever's Aqua Creams and these retail for a lot cheaper which is why I was excited to try them! I got these on special in Superdrug for €4 compared to the Paint Pot's which retail for €19 and the Aqua Creams which retail for €20 . The Color Tattoo's come in 12 shades. I picked Permanent Taupe and Lighted Purple.  The colours seem to go by different names in the U.S.

What Maybelline says about them:  "With up to 24hr staying power, Popping colour that glides on.'

My verdict: I usually apply these type of cream shadows and bases with a 217 by MAC but the consistency was a lot less creamy then MUFE or MAC  ones and the brush hardly picked up any colour. So your best bet is to apply these with your fingers. The first colour I tried was Lighted Purple as you can see from the above swatches it tends to go on pretty patchy and gathers in certain areas. Even when I applied it on to my eye lid with a primer it still did the same thing. But when I applied eyeshadow on top it filled in the gaps and it worked a lot better. For some strange reason when I applied Permanent Taupe it went on a lot smoother and less patchy then Lighted Purple.

I'm not too sure why Maybelline state their make up lasts for exaggerated lengths of time because nobody in all honesty is wearing make up for 24hrs straight without washing it off - are they? I got a good 8 hrs wear out of Permanent Taupe on it's own and an hour or two extra with Painted Purple  when I paired it with an Urban Decay eyeshadow.

Would I buy it again and overall rating: These are vibrant but defiantly not as vibrant as the Paint Pots or Aqua Creams. But I think they are very good value.. I would recommend these more as a base for your eye shadows then wearing them as a stand along colour but I don't think I'll buy Lighted Purple again I'd still like to more of the colours they have to offer and maybe buy them as emergency back-up's to my MUFE and MAC.

I'm going to rate these sepreatly because they came out so diffetently!
Lighted Purple - 5/10
Permanent Taupe 8/10


Monday, January 28, 2013

Sponsored Giveaway with My Dental Clinic Dublin

I am very excited to announce my first sponsored giveaway with My Dental Clinic! The prize is Full In Surgery Teeth Whitening, Full Oral Examination and Teeth Whitening Kit to take home with you!

'Dublin dentist - My Dental Clinic is a full spectrum dental practice in Dublin that offers the most modern and advanced treatments in general and aesthetic dentistry. We're breaking the mould in Irish dentistry by offering the lowest Dental fees in the Ireland and the U.K. Based in Ballsbridge there's no need to travel abroad for dental work as we match the average fees charged by most European Dental Tourism destinations.

The purpose built medical clinic is fully fitted with state-of-the-art technology to create a caring, modern and relaxing environment that caters for all your needs.'

You can visit their website here: Dublin dentist - My Dental Clinic

How do I enter: Click the Twitter button on the right hand side and follow me on Twitter then send your name and email address to with 'Competition' as the subject.


Simple as that! Unfortunately this competition is only to my Irish readers!

Closing date: 14th of February 2013 at midnight Irish time. I will pick the winner using and announce the winner through Twitter on February 15th 2013. If the winner does not contact me within a week I will re-draw and pick a new winner.

Good Luck!!

***Competition Closed ****

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Review

 For those of you who have never heard of Ben Nye they are a U.S company that specializes in make up for theaters, t.v. etc. Probably their most famous product is their 'Banana Powder'. Over the last years it has been creating a buzz online and on YouTube when celebrity make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic ,who is best known for being Kim Kardashian's make-up artist revealed that he used this on her under- eyes to set her concealer and this is his secret to making her under eyes 'glow'. It can also be used on the rest of the face.

What does it claim to do? 'It claims to be waterproof, sweat proof and make your make up last all day.With a hint of colour it sets translucent.'

Does it live up to your expectations? Yes. Firstly I'm a big fan of using illuminators/correctors under the eyes but one stop wrong and you can end up with those not so attractive raccoon eyes and this is no exception! I found the key to this is using this is to use very little. As you can see from the photo I took above  it's yellow based but when blended it turns translucent but without the ashiness that a lot of translucent powders can give. It lasts nearly all day for me (over 10 hours) and I have found it's best applied with one of those damp triangle sponges that you can get in the chemist as it helps to press the powder into your skin and also helps with any dry patches under your eyes. Although I have not swam with it yet so I can't tell you if it's waterproof!

Where can you buy it? It comes in 1.5oz , 3oz and 8oz jars and starts from the ridiculous price of €6.38! I bought the 1.5 oz first and then bough the 3.0 oz (above) for me kit. I got both from Camera Ready Cosmetics which do also charge €6 postage to Ireland but for what you get it's a great bargain and will last you ages!

Rating: This has replaced my MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Powder and I don't go a day without it! 10/10

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Review

Over the past few years the beauty market has been saturated with products that claim to give you eyelashes that you've never had. This can make it difficult to figure out what's what and what actually works.A couple of weeks ago I was sent a new eyelash growth serum called 'Ur Lash' to try out.. They are based in the U.K and the serum retails for £29.99 which is around €36 but the company are running a special offer at the moment and it's selling for £19.99 (€24). They also offer a full 90 day money back guarantee.

What does the product claim to do? 'Ur Lash combined with it's clinically proven ingredients , can help thicken, length and condition your lashes. Utilizing cutting edge technology, our scientifically advanced formula contains potent peptides, powerful stem cells, powerful stem cells and many other nourishing ingredients for your eyelashes. See results in as little as 2 weeks!'

How easy is the product to use and did you notice any results? I found it really easy to apply. The applicator comes with a very small brush almost like an eyeliner brush making it easy to reach the root of your lashes. I applied to once a day after I had removed my eye make up at night and it did not sting my eyes at all. It's also suitable for contact lens wearers. After about 3 weeks I noticed a difference in my eyelashes. Although I could not see it when I looked directly into the mirror when I turned my head to the side I noticed a difference in the length and thickness.

Would I buy it again? Although I won't be throwing out my mascara just yet I'm hoping with the results I have had so far I will soon be able too! I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who has a very short lash cycle and find their lashes fall out easily as I have not lost any lashes since using this serum.

Rating: 8/10

Available from

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bobbi Brown- Pink & Red Collection

Bobbi Brown is releasing her new collection for Spring and it's all about pastel pinks and bold red's which is probably why it's simply called Pink and Red! The collection contains a lipstick, nail polish, lip gloss and cream blush in each shade. I'm looking forward to trying out this collection as it's perfect for spring and I like the fact that the 'Reds' are dark but not too dark making them very wearable in spring time .This collection will be released this month and Bobbi Brown is available from Brown Thomas and House of Fraser.Below you can find out the names and description of the products:

Creamy Lip Colour
Heart (Pink)
Red (Hot)

Lip gloss
Cherry (Red)
Pretty in Pink (Pink)

Valentine Red 
Pink Valentine

Sheer Color 
Sheer Cherry
Sheer Pink

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekly Review

Since I have been slightly slacking on the Weekly Reviews I have decided to review two products this week!  
The first is Reve de Miel Lipbalm by Nuxe. They are a French skincare brand and all their products contain no preservatives or artificial scents. I had first read about this lip balm in a beauty section of a magazine about two years ago but was put off the price tag as this retails for €12.50 and I had never paid that much for a lip balm before! But a couple of months ago a friend of mine bought it and was raving about how great it was so I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I bought mine from Cloud 10 Beauty (who's postage by the way is really fast!) and have been using it ever since. 

What does this product claim to do?  'Thanks to this amazing lip balm damaged lips will be instantly soothed. It's sweet taste of Honey and Grapefruit turns applying it into a truly blissful moment. Acacia Honey and Shea Butter intensely repair.'

Does it live up to it's claims and is it worth the price tag? The first thing I noticed about this is how thick it is compared to other lip balms I have tried before and it takes a while to soak into your lips but does not feel greasy at all. I think I might have also read somewhere that this was tested out in the Antarctic and worked wonders - few other lip balms can say that! It dries matte and does not leave a sheen and from using it for the past couple months along with a lip scrub I have no problem in saying this is the best lip balm I have ever used and if you can splash out this is worth the investment!

Would I buy it again? Although I can't say I've had any blissful moment's when I have applied it, I've nearly used it all up and will be buying it again. 

Rating: 10/10

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